6 Mind-Blowing Giveaways in December You Can't Afford to Miss

Giveaways of December

Giveaways are increasingly popular these days, that you and me loves to win freebies and grab free money. Isn't ?
When I went around the Internet Sphere I found couple of great giveaways which is worth joining. Thus, I have coupled this post with 5 amazing Give-aways that you can't afford to miss this December.

This is the first episode of the new GeekEngage feature - Contests around the globe. All the listed give-aways will be linked with my referral link and please do join the give-aways via   my link as a token of respect and help. Chill out ! 


1.The Double Nexus Giveaway

Do you Love Android? What about Google? Well, then you’re going to adore this giveaway. I bet ! What more can cherish an Android fanboy rather than grabbing a Nexus ?

Yes, TheNextWeb.com  has organised a double nexus giveway. 
They’re giving one lucky winner a brand new Nexus 6 phone and a brand new Nexus 9 tablet

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to Participate. 

2.Apple Iphone 6 Plus (Gold 16GB)

This is seriously an insanely cool giveaway organised by MyBloggerBuzz.
An Apple fan guy would never afford to miss this golden opportunity to win Apple iPhone 6 Plus (16GB) . Entries can be submitted until Dec 15, 2014. Good luck, Mate !

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3. Win $5,000 Of Online Marketing Software

Authority Hacker has come up with an insane contest giving away around $5000 worth Online Marketing Software. If you win this contest, you'll not need to spend a dime in online marketing tool and get a significant advantage over your competition. Join the Authorityhacker's End Of The Year Giveaway and crush marketing in 2015 :) 

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4. Win Cash, Web Hosting & Themes

Moneyarora has organised an amazing contest giving out Cash , Webhosting and themes for free. If you are a blogger,then you can't afford to miss this giveaway by any chance. Stop thinking and get into fire !

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5. Get Apple iPhone 6 and other prizes worth       Rs.80000

Rediphone celebrates their 12th Anniversary by giving out exciting gifts for their supports. Get a chance to Win FREE iPhone 6 and Many other wonderful prizes worth Rs. 80,000 by joining this giveaway :) This giveaway is powered by Woobox  facebook app . 

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6. OnePlusOne Giveaway 

Joomlart has come up with yet an amazing contest giving out a OnePlusOne for one lucky winner. OnePlusOne is bracketed as the future of Smartphone and turned out to be the heap of this year.

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So, what do you think friends ? Aren't these giveaways super HOT ? I believe,it is :) Don't waste time and join them now ! Do make sure that you join them via my referral :)

Thanks ! Wishing you the very best !

One Page Websites Kill SEO, Adwords, Traffic, and Usability

One Page Websites & SEO
(Image Credits : Awwwards.com)

Twice this week I have had enquiries from customers that have one page websites. My advice has been disliked by both owners. These website are very popular at the moment. They look good with all the graphics, transitions, and fonts. However one page website are useless for search optimisation and developing a good or even average traffic flow from Google.

Don’t use them and here is why.

How Samsung and HTC Makes Fun of the Super-Size iPhone 6 In The Most Hilarious Way

iPhone 6 defects

After streams of rumors and customer demands , Apple has showcased their new iPhone. 
Undoubtedly , September 9th was a big day for all the Apple fan boys   Apple has just given them a new iPhone with Bigger Screen, Bigger Performance and Elegant design 

Surprisingly, customers will have a choice of two phone to consider, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

But, folks ! After all it's an Apple iPhone launch and can you expect a day without controversy and mock up ? Haha 
 ! Did you ? 

                                I Didn't !


Apple's latest iPhone , the iPhone 6+ represents the biggest screen size boost in iPhone history.
I now remember those words said by Steve Jobs back in 2010, 

No one is ever going to buy a big phone.

Hours before NextPowerUp.com said " 
Remember the time when Apple said that making smaller phones is just common sense? Oh well, those words have come back to bite them, big time.  "

The big time to bite back with those Big Screen . Haha ! That comment worth a million. 
The new iPhone 6 + joins the Samsung's 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 4 and the sammy fans are pretty much enjoying the game on the shore with apple fanboys ( #MORETHANBIG)  

HTC mocks iPhone 6 launch via Twitter

Just after the Apple iPhone launch , HTC has come up with something for defense. HTC tweeted a photo in which the iPhone and M8 stands on terms where the new iPhone looks quite similar to M8 comparing the back side of the phone.  

Apart from these mock ups , the famous online shopping central Zappos.com pokes the iPhone 6 phone makers with a damn funny tweet as a part of the promotion of their kangaroo pants [ Just made for iPhone   ]

So folks , What do you think ? Is the iPhone 6 worth for deal ? I'm waiting to hear your voice.

Source : 
9to5google.com , Twitter Tweets

Online Shopping in Bang and Here's Zoutons to Save Your Money !

Discount Coupons for Online Shopping

Hey Folks , 
" Save your Money " ; These words should have surely caught your attention. 

As you all know the trend of Shopping has changed drastically overtime paving way to a "Rock" n "Roll" online shopping.The internet has made many aspects of our lives easier. One of the main up hand is Online Shopping. We no longer have to visit stores around and keep searching for the things we need. Ah !

In this high tech world when there is little time for recreation and relaxation this website is surely a welcoming one.

Introducing Zoutons.com , great online shopping web store where you can find discount coupons for multiple Online Web Stores. Get access to this website and shop with less TIME and less MONEY. 

The main plus point of this site is that it facilitates shopping at a reduced rate. No matter how rich you are , you'd always love to grab things at the lowest rates. Don't you ?
With Zoutons, you can get the best discount coupons and deals for almost all your favourite right from Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Yatra, BookmyShow, EzeeGo to Apple, HTC and Dominos.


1. Easy on the eyes Web Design.
2. The coupons are easy to spot and use.
3. Clearly visible Search Bar.
4. Well defined Categories.


1. Less Relevant Search Results

The well differentiated and defined categories makes it easier for us to navigate and find necessary coupons. You just need to click on the image of the Online Web Store for which you need discount coupons. Say for example, you need discount coupons for Flipkart then you just need to click on the logo of Amazon which takes you to all the available coupons for amazon. 

popular discount coupons

latest discount coupons

You can also find the Popular Coupons and Latest Coupons easily since they are sort out differently. The most popular stores are also displayed above the footer of the website.
Yet another big plus of this website is that , it has no strings attached. You simply need a Internet connection ( Obviously :D )

Start Purchasing !

Aha ! Without wasting much time let's start taking actions ;) Web shopping is on blast these days and people do indulge in the same to save time and if they get the deals where they can save money along with the time, what more any customer can ask for.

So , start looting online with Zoutons and become a Smart Online Shopper. Opps ! Sorry , the Smartest Online Shopper :)