Top 10 Best Entertainment Apps for Android

best entertainment android apps
There are tons of entertainment apps available in the market for having fun on your android phone. There are also many apps that help us get tickets to entertainment. But with so many apps floating in the market, it gets confusing to select the best ones. Here are ten apps for android users to have a joyous experience on the go:

Android M release date, rumours and everything you need to know

It's that time again and the stage is set for Google !

Google's I/O developer conference 2015 is scheduled to kick off in San Francisco at 9am PDT on May 28 and the official schedule is now available on the Google I/O 2015 site. All the fans and developers are quite excited and expecting some big announcements and launches from the search giant, the most important being the Android M

Why Google Loves Responsive Design Pattern and Why You Should Too

In the beginning of the next weekend , Tuesday 21st April 2015 Google had decided to take a huge step towards ranking websites in search engine. In the past few months, Google has been rolling out a few inflexible updates like Panda and Penguin. And now, Google is about to hit with another one - The Mobile Friendly Update, which primarily focuses on favouring mobile friendly websites in their mobile searches.

Ever since this update was announced, bloggers and other site owners have been taking serious steps towards moulding their sites into a responsive design pattern.However, it is said that the mobile friendly ranking algorithm will not create any impact on the desktop searches. But, as the world goes mobile it is very important to make your sites compatible with mobile devices.

Hence, in order to keep you informed about this big deal in 2015, Webby Monks has come up with an infographic which gives you useful insights on-

* Why Responsive WebDesign is a big deal in 2015
* Why is there a need to switch to responsive design pattern
* Why Google loves Responsive WebDesign
* Steps for safeguarding your WordPress website against the mobile friendly update and much more.

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google mobile friendly update

Source: Webby Monks

Have Your Say !

The smart new mobile friendly algorithm could turn up to be a ranking booster for some and penalty for some others. Have you made your move towards facing this big update that is ready to roll. What steps have you taken towards this ?

Share it with us in comments . Stay Safe !

How To Download Youtube Videos At High Quality Without Using Any Software

Since the launch of its first video in 2005 , YouTube has been a phenomena attracting over 1 billion unique users every month and more than 6 billion hours of video are watched during the same period and is probably the most successful Google product after Google Search.
Being the best online video service , tons of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

As I said it is an ' Online ' service and what if you want to watch the YouTube videos leaving your network behind ? Oh yea ! You've a lot of offline tools that enables us to download YouTube videos.

Oh Please!! You seriously aren't going to download any such tools and then further download YouTube videos using it. Are you ? Most of such tools lags while the download is in process and the download speed rate is quite less.

Let go of such Youtube downloaders.Today, I'm getting you exposed to a new method that enables you to download youtube videos just by tweaking the YouTube URL. Yes, this is probably the fastest method known to download youtube videos at the highest quality available.

Download YouTube Videos Easily Using SaveFrom.Net

This method is popularly know as the ' ss method '. This method of downloading video is powered by a website known as , which enables you to download youtube videos just by making a small change in the YouTube URL.


1. Go to YouTube website and navigate to the video you want to download.

2. Move to the URL box and replace " www. " in the URL with " ss " . youtube downloader

3. Now you will be redirected to the site , from where you can download the video in the desired quality and format. You can even download the audio format of the video. downloader also offers a extension called the ' helper extension ' with which you can download youtube videos in one single click directly from the Youtube page.
But, this extension only supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 systems.

Final Words

Got blown away by this method , slightly ? Aha ! There are so many ways to download youtube videos but I believe none of them are as simple as this method. By the way, this isn't a new method. This technique has been used by many for long but many aren't still aware of this simple method.

I'd like to know your views about this method of downloading youtube videos. Cheers !

Image Credits : Mashable