Samsung And HTC Mocks Apple's Super-Size iPhone 6

iPhone 6 defects

After streams of rumors and customer demands , Apple has showcased their new iPhone. 
Undoubtedly , September 9th was a big day for all the Apple fan boys   Apple has just given them a new iPhone with Bigger Screen, Bigger Performance and Elegant design 

Surprisingly, customers will have a choice of two phone to consider, the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

But, folks ! After all it's an Apple iPhone launch and can you expect a day without controversy and mock up ? Haha 
 ! Did you ? 

                                I Didn't !


Apple's latest iPhone , the iPhone 6+ represents the biggest screen size boost in iPhone history.
I now remember those words said by Steve Jobs back in 2010, 

No one is ever going to buy a big phone.

Hours before said " 
Remember the time when Apple said that making smaller phones is just common sense? Oh well, those words have come back to bite them, big time.  "

The big time to bite back with those Big Screen . Haha ! That comment worth a million. 
The new iPhone 6 + joins the Samsung's 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 4 and the sammy fans are pretty much enjoying the game on the shore with apple fanboys ( #MORETHANBIG)  

HTC mocks iPhone 6 launch via Twitter

Just after the Apple iPhone launch , HTC has come up with something for defense. HTC tweeted a photo in which the iPhone and M8 stands on terms where the new iPhone looks quite similar to M8 comparing the back side of the phone.  

Apart from these mock ups , the famous online shopping central pokes the iPhone 6 phone makers with a damn funny tweet as a part of the promotion of their kangaroo pants [ Just made for iPhone   ]

So folks , What do you think ? Is the iPhone 6 worth for deal ? I'm waiting to hear your voice.

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Askme App : The App to Find Anything

When online shopping is on a spree, many other players are entering into this market. One of the latest and popular player is AskMe. Well, if I'm not wrong you might have heard about this app. Yes, the app with the tagline " The Bapp Of All Apps ". In this post, I'll be sharing the peak highlights of this app :)

Askme's Features

AskMe provides us with a bunch of features within an application, which are usually offered over number of applications. Let us provide you a little snippet of all the features.

• It will provide you with the option of finding or locating many local service providers which have been unknown to you till now. This feature will be mainly used by the service providers to register themselves and then you will be able to locate them and call them from the same screen, without providing any kind of contact details.

• You can also rate these service providers and write a short review about them, this will actually help the users who will be using those service providers again.

• You also have the option of buying coupons over this application. Many new businesses which are trying to increase the footfall on their stores usually opt for this idea. They would put an offer of any discounted product or service under this section of the application, along with the other details like validity and other terms of using it. After reading all that you can choose to download them and then use them at your will.

• The last section of this app is of online shopping, wherein you will see certain selected apparel from various sellers available under on that app. The prices of all the products are really very reasonable and you can actually browse through that every other day because the list of the products keeps getting updated quite frequently.


Final Verdict

The UI of this application needs some improvement, just to match with the latest apps being developed these days. Apart from this all the features of this application have been working quite well.It is just that the app needs little popularity so that more and more service providers could register there. Do let us know if you face any problem while using this application, we would be happy to help you. 

 Get This App At PlayStore .

Shop Like A Queen At Deal Guru

AskMe App is on the verge of becoming one of the most famous Apps and this is because, it is an accumulation of many different applications into one. If you have been using that application then you must have noticed that there is a section of at the bottom of the screen.
So, let me tell you that there is an online shopping portal for this section which can be viewed on your desktop and hence if you liked that section then you can buy the products from your desktop also.

However, I am going to talk about a really addictive section of this website which is named as Dealguru. Well, i'll be really honest with this, as this part was something which I found really unique in the industry of ecommerce. Now there may be some other website doing the same, but I am not really sure about it.

Why Dealguru?

Dealguru works on the concept of finishing out the old or out-of-fashion stock available with the producers or manufacturers. There are lot of times, when a manufacturer launches a variant of a popular product in the market but somehow it gets failed and only few customers do like those products.

Dealguru provides a platform to all the consumers and manufacturers to buy and sell those products. It happens many times with the consumers that they miss out on the season sales, mainly because they were really busy during that time. Hence they check this section of Dealguru and thus try to buy such products at really reasonable price (Undoubtedly,the best part of AskMe Bazzar).

Is It Reliable?

Yes, it is reliable and it is being endorsed by one of the famous celebrity named as KanganaRanaut. Just to add more info, please note that while you can buy any product from the website there will be certain transaction charges which Dealguru will charge. It will really small, so you may not even notice it. You can register on their website to get some first time user discounts.


The website seems healthy but I was not able to sort the products by their price, this was some which turned me off but then the prices are really low (but only in some categories). 
Its speed is good and you won’t have to navigate much in order to buy anything from there. Do let us know, if you found anything on the website which has not been mentioned here or anything that troubled you.

Online Shopping in Bang and Here's Zoutons to Save Your Money !

Discount Coupons for Online Shopping

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