How To Download Youtube Videos At High Quality Without Using Any Software

download youtube videos
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Since the launch of its first video in 2005 , YouTube has been a phenomena attracting over 1 billion unique users every month and more than 6 billion hours of video are watched during the same period and is probably the most successful Google product after Google Search. 
Being the best online video service , tons of videos are being uploaded to YouTube every minute.

As I said it is an ' Online ' service and what if you want to watch the YouTube videos leaving your network behind ? Oh yea ! You've a lot of offline tools that enables us to download YouTube videos

Oh Please!! You seriously aren't going to download any such tools and then further download YouTube videos using it. Are you ? Most of such tools lags while the download is in process and the download speed rate is quite less.

et go of such Youtube downloaders.Today, I'm getting you exposed to a new method that enables you to download youtube videos just by tweaking the YouTube URL. Yes, this is probably the fastest method known to download youtube videos at the highest quality available.


How to Download YouTube Videos Easily Using SaveFrom.Net

This method is popularly know as the ' ss method '. This method of downloading video is powered by a website known as , which enables you to download youtube videos just by making a small change in the YouTube URL. 


 1. Go to YouTube website and navigate to the video you want to download.

2. Move to the URL box and replace " www. " in the URL with " ss " .

download youtube videos using

3. Now you will be redirected to the site , from where you can download the video in the desired quality and format. You can even download the audio format of the video. helper extension also offers a extension called the ' helper extension ' with which you can download youtube videos in one single click directly from the Youtube page. 
But, this extension only supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 systems. 

Final Words

Got blown away by this method , slightly ? Aha ! There are so many ways to download youtube videos but I believe none of them are as simple as this method. By the way, this isn't a new method. This technique has been used by many for long but many aren't still aware of this simple method.

I'd like to know your views about this method of downloading youtube videos. Cheers !

WhatsApp Finally Gets A Material Design Revamp ; Download the APK Now !

The most popular Mobile Operation System, Android has finally arrived with a Material Design makeover for the WhatsApp Messenger users. The developer team behind WhatsApp has decided to embrace their application with a bond looking Material Design update for Android. What is striking is that the design has undergone a complete renovation in terms of design and has been given a dark green hue as its main colour. Moreover, a few animations have been added to the new version of WhatsApp.

Apart from Material Design , WhatsApp has come up with a few visual improvement and tweaks. The folks around WhatsApp have revamped the status bar and profile look and has implemented new sharing options.  Moreover, Android users can now make free phone calls over the app without having to be called first.

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The new Material Designed WhatsApp has not yet been released in the Google Play Store. It is not known when WhatsApp update starts rolling out to the Play Store. We expect the new update to roll in Google Play Store in the next couple of days. So , you can either wait until then or download WhatsApp Messenger for Android 2.12.38 for free via developer's website.

WhatsApp 2.12.38 APK 

10 Simple Yet Creative Blog Post Ideas That Will Make Your Blog HOT

Updated Post of April 2014

Generate blog post ideas
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Being a blogger , we face a number of problems throughout our blogging career. The most daring among them are the Writer’s Block and Lack of Blog Post Ideas.

After talking to numerous bloggers, I've found that they are mostly affected by ‘LACK OF BLOG POST IDEAS’ rather than Writer’s block. At some point of time, YOU and Me often wonder what to post ? It’s not about simply writing an article, it’s about generating Excellent content.

Out of creative blog post ideas ? Are you sick of seeing all those same old stuff disgorge in the blog-O-sphere and want to stand out in 2015 ?

From a Night Owl To An Early Bird ! Why Be a Morning Person ?

Become a morning person
Getting up early is not everybody's cup of tea. To be perfectly honest , I'm not an early riser, I usually work out more at night rather than trying something productive early in the morning. But, one day when I tried working in the wink of the early morning I realised the magical touch of early rising.


You may have heard the saying , " The early bird gets the worm ". But , when it comes to humans, do early risers have an advantage over night owls ? Does one have an edge over the other in this battle of bed time ?

Well, as per the researches the night owls are put at a disadvantage . The night hours have a direct effect on brain functioning where as the morning larks tend to display positive social trades such as being proactive and optimistic. But, it is not all bad for late nighters. Infact, they tend to be more creative , intelligent and are said to be risk takers.
So, the researches have listed both the pros and cons of being a night owl and an early bird. 

Now the question arises , Should you become a morning person or a night man. Well the fact is, the best time to work is ' that ' time when you can make the most out of the time you spend

Night owl vs Early bird

My forage for this question ended by the verdict that ' The morning sets the tone for the rest of your day ' and that's great news. If you can control your day , what else do you need? If you have total control over what you do, then everything is within an easy reach.

But, I don't believe that night hours are useless. I do manage to get my stuff ready working late in the night. But, late nights spoils my next morning and I tend to be less energetic in the remaining half of the day. Waking up early doesn't have any flip backs. You feel completely energetic and can work all day with confidence and get things under your control.

Why Be a Morning Person?
Productive morning

Tapping into the magical power of morning can help you gain a lot more productive life. It is said that most of the successful people are early risers. 
Here are a couple of benefits of getting early out of your bed  :-

1. Amazing Start
As I said earlier, the morning helps us set a positive tone for the rest of your day. The way you wake up reflects the way you live the rest of your day. A good start helps us remain energetic through the day. If you wake up moody , it can bring down your productivity level. 

So, catching the glimpse of morning and breaking the early sky can help us become more energetic and lets us work more productively. 

2. Distraction free mode 
When you are up at the crack of the morning, you are  blessed to get the most peaceful and pleasant time. When you wake up with the morning lark, you can work with zero distraction. You are 
completely  free to work focusing on just what you want and can easily get ahead. 

3. Strategic and Systematic roadmap to your goal  
Got goals ? Well, you should. Most of us might have a daily goal. But, waking up late in the morning might burn these daily goals and that might make us less confident and dull throughout the day. While early rising keeps us energetic throughout the day and make us  work with more confidence.Well, if you are an early riser you have a better time slot and thus you can move faster in accomplishing your goals.

Indeed , these are some real reasons why you should become an early birdie. But, to be perfectly honest there is no advantage in being an early riser over a night owl. It's all about how you manage your day and night.If you think , you can remain energetic even after the late morning then that's perfect. Just make sure that you handle the way that suits you the most. If you think you are perfect with your current way of life, never change'em. If not, switch right away :)

Are you a NIGHT OWL ? Wanna Transform Yourself Into A EARLY BIRD ?

Become a early riser
Amal of TeenageHack has got some powerful techniques that helps you build the habit of waking up early in the morning.

Here's how you can Build The Habit Of Waking Up Early in MorningsSo folks , how was that ? Are you an EARLY BIRD or a NIGHT OWL ? Let me know you opinions about being one.

Cheers :)